Wednesday, February 17, 2010

That Scary Wind

Santa Ana-like winds blew through San Luis Obispo this week and Rosie was not happy about it. If you've read My Name is Rosie, you remember the snippet titled That Scary Wind where Rosie shares how much the door slamming, chimes clanging, and trees wildly pitching every which way scares her. In fact, at night she tries to sleep on our heads! I would say she's gotten a little better about the wind lately in that she cuddles extra close but not on our heads any more. That's a relief for my husband and me. During the day, when a big gust of wind comes up, Rosie rises from wherever she's lying and comes to one of us asking to be picked up, sometimes standing on her hind legs and begging for a lift up. It's very sweet, really. I try to reassure her in a calm voice that everything's okay. My daughter thinks it's a hoot how scaredy-dog Rosie can be. She's usually such a tough girl, so rough and tumble. I guess she's not any different from all of us, is she? We all have our particular fears. On windy days, Rosie is especially happy to go in the car with me - getting out of the house and away from the wind sounds is what she wants. Go to to order the book and read more about Rosie's daily life. 

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