Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bath time!

Because Rosie has short Corgi legs and is low to the ground, she needs a bath on a fairly regular basis! Lucky for John and me, Tess loves to bathe her. The love is not returned by Rosie. She tolerates but does not enjoy a bath at all. As soon as we say, "bath time," her ears go back and she skulks around hoping we'll change our minds. But Tess entices her with kibble and plops her in the deep utility sink in the garage, too deep for Rosie to ever jump out. The entire bath process takes about an hour from beginning to end, including the drying and brushing after the bath. There's nothing more pathetic than a little dog doused with suds wanting to be done with it. And nothing cuter than two Corgis in a sink having a bath together! The last time Rudy, Rosie's brother, was here visiting us, Tess squeezed the two dogs into the sink and bathed them together. Double cute. 

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