Sunday, September 19, 2010

Central Coast Book and Author Festival

Rosie and I spent the day at the Central Coast Book and Author Festival, held every year at this time, right after the Cuesta Writers' Conference. Dennis Young, photographer, ( was on hand to snap pictures of authors and their books. Thank you, Dennis! From 10 to 4, I talked to lots of folks out enjoying the beautiful day and the myriad books available for sale. I shared a table with Sue McGinty, murder mystery writer from Los Osos, whose second book, Murder at Cuyamaca Beach, was released last week. Rosie submitted to pets from just about everybody throughout the day. She's a good sport at these book events, always taking her popularity in stride with an air of indifference. We sold 24 books and were pleased as can be. For those of you who couldn't make the festival and would like to have Rosie's book, My Name is Rosie, go to and order it online. On hand to help the writers set up and break down their tables were cadets from Grizzly Academy here in SLO. Thanks to Dominick Olgin in particular for his tender care of Rosie all day. I appreciated the help and so did Rosie. At one point, Rosie fell asleep with her muzzle on Dominick's boot. Really cute!  

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Name is Rosie Reaching Far and Wide

Readers!  Orders are coming in for My Name is Rosie from as far away as Australia! Rosie is capturing people's hearts with her sweet account of her daily life. Thanks to Brian Anderson of JSol Software here in San Luis Obispo, our presence on the web is ever-increasing. Take a look at Rosie's slide show on the site, And while you're at it, order a book or two or three! My Name is Rosie makes a wonderful gift for a dog-loving friend, even more wonderful for a Corgi-loving friend. The price is right and remember, part of the proceeds go to Woods Humane Society in San Luis Obispo. 

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Woods Humane receives check!

Readers!  I delivered a check to Woods Humane Society the other day. Part of the proceeds from the sale of My Name is Rosie go to Woods, and this check was generated from the sales of the book since it came out in December. The more people buy Rosie's book, the more Woods will benefit! So encourage your friends and family to visit and to purchase the book. 

Rosie on youtube!

Hi, Readers!  It's been awhile since I last wrote. And Rosie and I have news for you. Take a look in BARK Magazine's April/May issue to see our ad in The Marketplace. BARK also has a digital version complete with videos and slide shows and Rosie's slide show will be available there for your enjoyment. New readers of Rosie's book, My Name is Rosie, are cropping up all the time. The other week I got a call from Chaucer's Bookstore in Santa Barbara to say the books I took them in January sold, and could I bring down ten more. Chaucer's is a huge independent bookseller almost 100 miles from here, and I don't know anybody in Santa Barbara; so the book has its own appeal. Meanwhile, my web master, Brian Anderson, of JSol Software, has put together a slide show for youtube, which will be available soon. You can also visit to see the slide show and of course to purchase Rosie's book. The Queen of England has one!
Rosie's latest quirk is fear of the linoleum in the kitchen. The fear strikes unexpectedly. I'll hear her whimper, go to see what's up, and find her stranded, stiff-legged, in the middle of the floor. Usually I lift her up and move her just a few feet, put her down, and then she can move again. It's the oddest thing. Her brother, Rudy, has never liked the linoleum, and every time he visits, he has to get over it again. Funny, it's one of the things that endears him to us!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Picking Daisies in SLO

Readers: I've been meaning to tell you for some time about a fabulous product made here in San Luis Obispo: 100% pure cotton napkins for everyday use, manufactured in the showroom/factory of Picking Daisies in downtown SLO. Rosie and I regularly go into the Picking Daisies shop to visit the three sisters who own the company. They are busy measuring and cutting the latest fabric, sewing the tidy mitered corners of each napkin, ironing the napkins for display and sale, and of course selling these delightful creations. I have a collection of more than three dozen of these napkins in beautiful colors and designs. At my house we use Picking Daisies napkins for every meal. I especially love to bring out an assortment of them when I have a dinner party. The napkins make a lovely yet practical and environmentally friendly gift, too! The cotton fabric is unbelievable - soft, yet durable, machine washable again and again and again. The napkins last for years and retain their vibrant color and soft texture. 
The Picking Daisies colorful and stylish showroom is an art gallery, too. The shop features local artists and hosts their opening receptions in SLO's Art After Dark, the first Friday evening of every month. Rosie and I deliver a basketful of cookies for these events! (Did you know I have a catering business called Kate's Kitchen? Call 805.458.4438 for more information on my delectable edibles, both savory and sweet!) Drop into Picking Daisies some time. The store is located in The Creamery on Higuera Street in SLO and is open Tuesday through Saturday. And visit Picking Daisies' web site at You'll be glad you did!

Birthday Time for Two Welsh Corgis!

Today is Rosie's birthday!  And Rudy's, too! For those of you who have read the book, My Name is Rosie, you know that Rudy is Rosie's brother. The two Corgis have grown up together. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, LITTLE CORGIS! This morning we got a birthday call from Rudy and his family. Rudy has been healing from a knee injury for the last six months, so play together has been minimal to keep him from prancing around too much. We've missed him. But he's better now! He goes to swim therapy every week and loves it. And we'll see him this weekend when he comes over for a birthday dinner with his family, Angela and Lenny. There's nothing cuter than two Welsh Corgis hanging out together. I can understand why the Queen of England enjoys her five Corgis so much! They are so intelligent and affectionate and engaged with their people and the world. Perhaps this can be said of all dogs? Corgis strike me as particularly so. My Name is Rosie is available online at for only $8.95 plus S/H. Partial proceeds go to Woods Humane Society in San Luis Obispo, California. Written in Rosie's voice, the book offers snippets of her everyday life, with beautiful pen and ink drawings by artist Chloe White. Join the Queen. She has the book!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Missive from the Queen of England!

Readers! Back in January, I sent a copy of My Name is Rosie to the Queen of England, the world's most famous Welsh Corgi lover. Actually, I sent it to her Royal Secretary, The Right Honorable Christopher Geidt, along with a letter asking him to please give my gift to Her Royal Highness. I had Chloe White, the book's illustrator who is also British, review my letter to make sure I followed the proper protocol. I signed the book to the Queen's current five Welsh Corgis, whose names are Monty, Emma, Linnet, Willow and Holly with love from Rosie.  Great names, aren't they? I knew it was a long shot, sending a gift to the Queen. Would she get it? Well, apparently she has!! Last week I received a very personal letter from the Queen's Lady-in-Waiting, Annabelle Whitehead, saying how much the Queen appreciated my gift. I was ecstatic! I cried! And to think I almost threw the envelope in the recycle bin. I thought it was junk mail. Then I saw the "Royal Mail" emblem and realized it was a letter from England. The stationery is embossed with Buckingham Palace at the top and the greeting and sign-off in the letter are hand written in black ink. How totally wonderful! Now, I wonder. Has the Queen actually read the book?? It would please me so very much to know she held it in her hands and took a look and saw her dogs' names in the front. You, too, can read Rosie's book. Go to to order her book online.